Hi! I’m Sherrise. My friends call me Sheesh. And there it goes… Oh Sheesh! I have always loved planning events and clever gifts for others close to me. Treasure hunts are a mainstay in my gift-giving adventures, especially to my husband. Three years running, I planned a new treasure hunt for his birthday present. The first was a small, simple hunt at his tiny little house before we were married, which ended in a candlelight picnic in the living room, complete with fresh flowers scattered on the floor, sitting pillows, cheese, wine, and a sampling of other small dishes to complete the meal.

Another year, it was a little more complex; incorporating a treasure map and local businesses who agreed to hand him his gifts as he showed up and spoke the magical words. This also happened to be on Halloween (a late birthday present), so he received parts of a costume along the way. Upon arriving home, his map led him to a suit coat, tie, and small banner proclaiming Happy Birthday. Dinner was on the stove, and I donned my own “housewife” costume including pearls, high heels, a dress, and apron. Old fashioned? Maybe. Fun and sexy? Hell, yeah.

I could go on… And maybe I will, sometime. I could probably write a blog about the hunts that I’ve put together over the years. However, what you want to know is… Why have I decided to create The Hunt for others to enjoy as well?

It’s simple. We recently had a daughter who is currently 9 months old. I’m staying at home with her, holding tightly to the title of Project Manager of the Household, and thus taking care of the house and the many things that entails. That’s a full days work; however, it’s not quite enough for me. Ideas drive me. I’m constantly thinking of things to create.

The Hunt is, simply, a perfect way to incorporate something that I love doing with a small business that I can run out of our home while taking care of our daughter and household.

So, that’s the story in a nutshell. With a few extra details. If you’ve read all of this, then you must be interested. I hope you find that you want to experience The Hunt for yourself. Now, my husband gets to Hunt all the time so I can make sure everything works! Thanks for being my guinea pig, sweetie.

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